In line with our code of ethics, fees are set according to the task accomplished, the litigation settlement and the client's resources. The Firm suggests several ways of setting fees.



Unfortunately, in some complex suits, it is difficult to predict the overall cost of handling a case, as unforeseeable developments may be engendered by the opposing party. A transaction is therefore invoiced either at the hourly rate of € 200.00 excluding VAT or at a flat rate.



In straight forward cases, such as divorce by mutual consent, a fixed rate fee may be suggested to you at the outset.



A results-based fee may be appropriate, incorporating a fixed rate fee at the outset (compulsory under French law) and a results-based fee to be calculated as a percentage of the settlement obtained. All fee agreements are negotiated individually between the Firm and the client, bearing in mind the complexity and financial value of the case.

Should you have a legal protection insurance policy, not only would you retain the right to choose your legal advisor, but you would also have some of the cost of fees reimbursed by your insurer. Any excess not covered by the insurer and that remains your responsibility will be subject to a fee agreement.

In some exceptional instances, the Firm may deal with a case under the terms of Legal Aid, with or without a fee agreement.